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FREE STUFF! Get an official pack of 'Kootz-Chews' (pack-o'gum) with ANY order...
Remember, all Kootz 'merch' is also available 'in-person', at any of our shows!!!

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"The Kootz Live-CD"

This is the 'latest and greatest' from 'The Kootz'... An eclectic, energetic, electric (& acoustic)-collection that features 21 of everyone's 'fave-tunes', performed & captured "totally-live-on-location", in the clubs, pubs, concert-halls... and even the "streets of New Jersey"! It brings "The Ultimate-Kootz-Gig" right-into your living-room... Plus, it includes 'each and every member' of the "Kollective-Kootz-Kast"! Crank-up YOUR copy of "Kootleg"! It'll... "Get you to that Giiiigggg"!!!
$8.00 - FREE shipping

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"The Kootz Debut-CD" - Listen to MP3 Kootz-Klips

"Tales From The Endless Bus Tour of New Jersey", The Kootz debut CD features 11 original Kootz songs plus 5 "cool-covers"!  It's the 'ultimate' Kootz 'gig'... with all Koot-members appearing throughout all 16 cuts!  This "labor of love" has been two years in the making... produced by Glenny-T and Breet!  “Gawww-geously-packaged” in a 6-panel 'digi-pack', depicting the highways & by-ways of NJ... this disc captures the collective efforts of the band at their absolute-best!
$12.00 - FREE shipping

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"The Koot-TEE"

This sporty, 100%-heavy-cotton T-shirt is what today's "well dressed Kootz-fan" is wearing... Available in different colors (**Note: please check size-menu for available colors)... The 'Koot-tee' features the 'Li'l Old Koot'-guy & website on the front... plus the Kootz logo & 'credo' on the back! Available in S, M, L, XL and 2XL sizes! 'Tee it up'!
$17.00 - FREE shipping

Tee Size
Tee Color
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"The Kootz-Kap"

It's good for your head!... Whether you're Painting It "Black"... or in a "White" Room at the station! Maybe you're bouncing a "Red" Rubber Ball... wandering around in a "Purple" Haze... or just trying to, err.. S'Teal'-away! Perhaps you're studying in the classroom, learning (the HARD-way!) from Maxwell's 'Silver'-Hammer!!! Well-then, friend... The-Kootz-Kap is for YOU!... It's available in all 6 colors! It has the 'Kootz' logo across the front... and a sturdy, double-row 'one-size-fits-all-Kootz-fans' adjust-o-strap in the back! When 'Johnny Q. Public' sees ya wearing this, HE'LL want to join 'The Kootz Team' too! Put me in, coach!
$12.00 - FREE shipping

Kap Color
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"The Kootz Strappy-T"

The Kootz 'Strappy-T' is one of the newest ways to for all the 'Rock 'n Roll Girls' to make a fashion statement… while showing a 'pledge of devotion' to their fave-o 'Rock 'n Roll GUYS'… "The Kootz"! This lip-smackin', spaghetti-strappin' frock... is a MUST for every "Koot-ette"!!!
$17.00 – FREE shipping

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Strappy Color
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"The Kootz Hoodie"

For those chilly, rockin'-nights, The Kootz-'Hoodie'… is a GOODIE! It's fleecy-smooth-comfy... and has a front-pair-'o-pockets to hold your Kootz CDs and bumperstickers! So… when the weather's not-so… 'Hot-Hot-Hotsy'… our new 'Hoodie' will keep-ya… 'Toasty-Roasty-Kootzy'!!!
$25.00 – FREE shipping

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Hoodie Color
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"The Kootz-Sticker-Bumper"

Why pay for expensive automotive body-work, when you can buy several Kootz 'official' bumperstickers... and cover the dents on your beloved vehicle for a fraction of the cost!  Actually, these Koot-stickers also go-great on notebooks, briefcases, kitchen tables, commodes... or even your mother-in-law!  Thinking of selling that banged-up '71 Chevy Vega or Ford Pinto? DON'T!!!!  Dress 'em up in a Kootz "Sticker-Bumper" (or two!)!
$2.00 - FREE shipping

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"The Kootz 'PAR-TAY'-PAK!"

This is the deal of the century.... no, the millenium! Order ALL of the above 'Kootz-Merch'-items... The 2-Kootz CDs, TEE (**black-tee only for Par-tay-Pak), KAP (any color) and 'Sticker-Bumper'... and pay just $39.95!!! That's a MONDO-savings of more-than '10-buck-a-roos'!... Yep, ya get it ALL for UNDER-40-'Georges'... and WE pay the shipping and the handling! Whadda-sweet-deal!!!
$39.95 - FREE shipping

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"The Kootz Kandy Bar"

Ever get a hankerin' for 'something-sweet' while listening to your Kootz-CD?  I mean... a MAJOR "Choco-Jones" that just makes ya wanna 'eat-to-the-beat'!  Well... By popular demand we're making available a limited-run of these 'original & official' Kootz-Kandy-Bars!  This rockin'-confection has all of the essential Koot-factoids on the wrapper outside... while deliverin' a BIG chocolate-taste on the inside... one that would make Mr. Wonka himself... well, 'brown' with envy!  Looking for "Mr. Koot-Bar"?  He's right here!  Hey!  Buy 3... and get a 4th Kootz-Bar FREE!  No kiddin'!
$2.00 - FREE shipping

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So... How do I get mine?

All Kootz merchandise is available thru 'PayPal' online, or by sending a check or money order to:

The Kootz Kompany Store
Box 309,
Caldwell, New Jersey  07006-0309

Check or Money Order Customers:
Please make sure you've enclosed a note with your name, address and telephone number. Please list the items you want (with T-shirt size and/or hat color where applicable) and have calculated all costs correctly, plus 7% NJ sales tax. Checks should be payable to “Glenn M. Taylor”.  All prices include FREE shipping & handling and come with a FREE gift from The Kootz!

And as always... Remember to bring a print-out of any weekly Kootz-newsletter to one of our 'live' shows... and get that same 'real nice' (free) gift from us Koot-Boys!

“Let's get to that GIGGGG!!!”